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Mon Dec 2 11:39:25 CET 2013

That sounds cool. How does it keep track of which commit fixes which issue?
Do you specify that when closing the issue?

/ Ulf

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> Something that I would really like is being able to easily see the
> changes needed to fix various issues. In github, when a commit fixes
> an issue, the issue is automatically closed and a link to this commit
> is added to the issue tracker, so I can just click on it and see what
> was needed (so I can passively improve my understanding of the source
> code of Agda). Currently, I would need to "darcs pull" the latest
> version, figure out which change(s) fixed the issue, and figure out
> how to get the associated diff, so unless it’s something I’m really
> interested in I don’t usually do it.
> Guillaume
> 2013/12/2 Jan Stolarek <jan.stolarek at>:
> >> I don't think there would be any huge advantages for us as main
> developers moving to github.
> > Just to be clear. I don't want to argue that github is the best place to
> host a project - I want
> > to argue that git is :-) Github has its flaws and for a large project it
> may not be suitable (as
> > is the case with GHC that only has github mirrors). I wouldn't mind
> having a git repo at
> > This would allow me to have my own fork at github and
> at the same time pull new
> > changes from main repo. Still, I would not use Google Code for reporting
> bugs and send them to
> > the mailing list instead.
> >
> > Janek
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