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Guillaume Brunerie guillaume.brunerie at
Mon Dec 2 11:30:15 CET 2013

Something that I would really like is being able to easily see the
changes needed to fix various issues. In github, when a commit fixes
an issue, the issue is automatically closed and a link to this commit
is added to the issue tracker, so I can just click on it and see what
was needed (so I can passively improve my understanding of the source
code of Agda). Currently, I would need to "darcs pull" the latest
version, figure out which change(s) fixed the issue, and figure out
how to get the associated diff, so unless it’s something I’m really
interested in I don’t usually do it.


2013/12/2 Jan Stolarek <jan.stolarek at>:
>> I don't think there would be any huge advantages for us as main developers moving to github.
> Just to be clear. I don't want to argue that github is the best place to host a project - I want
> to argue that git is :-) Github has its flaws and for a large project it may not be suitable (as
> is the case with GHC that only has github mirrors). I wouldn't mind having a git repo at
> This would allow me to have my own fork at github and at the same time pull new
> changes from main repo. Still, I would not use Google Code for reporting bugs and send them to
> the mailing list instead.
> Janek
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