[Agda] More rewrite woes

Jason Hu fdhzs2010 at hotmail.com
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Hi Phil,

Your rewrite is an no-op, because the goal does not have the corresponding left hand side:

Goal: reflᴳ ⊢ M ↑ p ≤ᴹ M ↑ p ⦂ id
Have: (id ⨟ p) ≡ p

You can apply reflexivity to rewrite all p to (id ⨟ p) but this is not want you want. In Agda you cannot specify which p to rewrite so I suppose this is a limitation. There is nothing wrong with the current solution you have.

Jason Hu

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Subject: [Agda] More rewrite woes

I've attached code where a rewrite should work but does not. There are many places in the full development where I encounter similar issues. Rewrite works fine in the original definition of left-id, but not in the subsequent attempt to prove reflᴹ. Any advice on how to fix it?

The file is cut down from the original---I apologise that it is still rather lengthy. The issue with rewrite appears at the end. I am using Agda version

Thank you for your help! Go well, -- P

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