[Agda] Fake Conferences CSCI and WORLDCOMP of Hamid Arabnia

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Tue Dec 24 18:49:03 CET 2013

Fake Conferences CSCI and WORLDCOMP of Hamid Arabnia

Hamid Arabnia from University of Georgia is well known 
for his fake WORLDCOMP conferences 
https://sites.google.com/site/dumpconf  This website 
has an open challenge posted sometime in 2012 and it 
also has comments from several well-known researchers 
on WORLDCOMP. Hamd Arabnia never responded to these 
because his conferences are bogus.

Hamid Arabnia (the money hungry professor) has 
recently started 2014 International Conference on 
Computational Science and Computational Intelligence 
(CSCI'14) http://www.americancse.org to deceive 
researchers further. CSCI'14 is started under the 
title of “American Council on Science and Education” 
which is a dummy corporation (does not exist anywhere 
in the world). Hamid Arabnia buried his name in the 
list of names of other innocent steering and program 
committee members of CSCI’14 to avoid any special 
attention. He knows that if his name is given any 
special attention then researchers immediately notice 
that the conference is fake due to his “track record” 
with WORLDCOMP. Hamid Arabnia (Guru of Fake 
Conferences and champion of academic scam) spoiled the 
reputations and careers of many authors who submitted 
papers to his infamous WORLDCOMP for more than a 
decade and he is now ready to do the same using CSCI.

Interestingly, CSCI is scheduled to be held at the 
same venue where WORLDCOMP was held until 2012. CSCI 
has no general chair. It has no physical person’s 
name or physical address or phone number to contact. Only 
contact address is an email address. Hamid Arabnia and 
his puppets answer the emails, if needed, using fake names. 
Do not spoil your resume by submitting your papers in this 
bogus conference CSCI which will not be held beyond 2014.
CSCI will not be indexed by DBLP.

Recently, Hamid Arabnia paid money and published few 
“news articles” claiming him a victim of online harassment 
and cyber bullying. Now he started posting (using fake 
names and through his puppets) in various emails, blogs 
and forums, referring to those “news articles” and trying 
to get back sympathy and trust of the research community 
to make his CSCI successful. Hamid Arabnia is a Wolf in 
a Sheep’s skin.

We challenge Hamid Arabnia to openly publish the names and 
affiliation details of the reviewers for thousands of 
research papers submitted to WORLDCOMP for the last 
thirteen years. We also challenge Hamid Arabnia to openly 
publish all the reviews (after removing authors 
identification details) for all the thousands of research 
papers submitted to WORLDCOMP for the last thirteen years. 
There are more challenges at 
https://sites.google.com/site/moneycomp1 We know that he 
never accepts these challenges because there were no 
reviews and no reviewers and he simply cheated the research 
community for all these years. We are not surprised if he 
comes out tomorrow claiming that his computer crashed and he 
lost the reviews and reviewers’ details. He can play any 
deceiving trick.

See the important website 
https://sites.google.com/site/worlddump1 for more 
information on WORLDCOMP, including links to DBLP stop 
indexing WORLDCOMP proceedings. See 
http://worldcomp-fake-bogus.blogspot.com for Hamid Arabnia 
and his puppet’s Anti-Christmas Greetings campaign.

We ask Hamid Arabnia and his puppets to address the above 
issues and challenges before posting any other message.  

Do not spoil your resume by publishing in the fake 
conferences of Hamid Arabnia.


Many researchers cheated by the conferences of Hamid Arabnia

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