[Agda] Recompilation triggers rechecking?

Andreas Abel andreas.abel at ifi.lmu.de
Wed Dec 4 18:07:30 CET 2013

It seems like Agda rechecks everything (like standard library modules I 
import) when Agda itself has been recompiled.

Why is that?

I thought that would only happen if the serialization stamp got updated.

   currentInterfaceVersion :: Word64
   currentInterfaceVersion = 20131109 * 10 + 0

If that is no longer the case, there is no pressing reason to maintain 
this number, or?

Well, it could happen that someone uses an old agda on new interface 
files, and then there is a small probability that the new interface 
files can be deserialized without error (1), then you might be trigged 
into believing a wrong proposition and take your life as a consequence.

The probability of (1) is likely in the same order of magnitude as 
getting a self-replicating Turing machine when throwing LEGO bricks into 
a laundry machine for the amount of time of your choice.
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