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Nicolas Pouillard np at nicolaspouillard.fr
Sun Dec 1 11:43:47 CET 2013

Quoting Jan Stolarek (2013-12-01 10:54:51)
> I have some thought about Agda development that I'd like to share with developers, hoping it will 
> help make things better (in my understanding of word "better").
> Agda development *seems* to be a closed process, without much possibility for community members to 
> contribute. I'd like to stress that is *seems" so, not necesarily that it *is* so. Note that:
> 1. Issues are stored on google code, but the code repo is not. There are instructions how to get 
> source code from svn, but the repo is actually empty.
> 2. Code is stored in Darcs. IMO this is a blocker for most people willing to contribute, as few 
> people know Darcs.
> 3. Surprisingly, there is Agda Community group on github (https://github.com/agda) but it doesn't 
> contain code of Agda, only some libraries.
> In my opinion the lack of centralised development webpage and using Darcs for source control keeps 
> people from contributing. Given the above I'd like to propose migrating from current Google Code 
> issue tracking and Darcs repositories to github. Many people use github for their open source 
> projects on a daily basis and if they had Agda source code at hand on github they could simpy 
> contribute without additional overhead of learning Darcs and using different platform (google 
> code) for tracking issues.
> Also, I found a script that should allow to migrate current issues from Google Code to Github: 
> https://github.com/arthur-debert/google-code-issues-migrator

I share your thoughts. I am also supportive of a migration towards

To my understanding the main roadblock is that this will cause some
burden to the current developers who are not yet accustomed to git. I
hope they will realize that this is a minor initial burden for a big
upcoming benefit for themselves (a bit like learning to ride a bike)
and for the community.

I've raised this issue in the past and even maintained a git version of
the darcs repo for a while. I think we need to propose a constructive
plan including the effort of actually migrating the repo and issue

Best regards,
-- Nicolas
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