[Agda] Agda development

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at p.lodz.pl
Sun Dec 1 10:54:51 CET 2013

I have some thought about Agda development that I'd like to share with developers, hoping it will 
help make things better (in my understanding of word "better").

Agda development *seems* to be a closed process, without much possibility for community members to 
contribute. I'd like to stress that is *seems" so, not necesarily that it *is* so. Note that:
1. Issues are stored on google code, but the code repo is not. There are instructions how to get 
source code from svn, but the repo is actually empty.
2. Code is stored in Darcs. IMO this is a blocker for most people willing to contribute, as few 
people know Darcs.
3. Surprisingly, there is Agda Community group on github (https://github.com/agda) but it doesn't 
contain code of Agda, only some libraries.

In my opinion the lack of centralised development webpage and using Darcs for source control keeps 
people from contributing. Given the above I'd like to propose migrating from current Google Code 
issue tracking and Darcs repositories to github. Many people use github for their open source 
projects on a daily basis and if they had Agda source code at hand on github they could simpy 
contribute without additional overhead of learning Darcs and using different platform (google 
code) for tracking issues.

Also, I found a script that should allow to migrate current issues from Google Code to Github: 


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