[Agda] ANNOUNCE: Agda

Nils Anders Danielsson nad at cse.gu.se
Sat Nov 2 11:02:56 CET 2013

On 2013-11-01 18:33, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> there are lots of changes in the package, including benchmark logs that
> look like data that are not meant to be released.
> http://hdiff.luite.com/cgit/Agda/diff/?id=

We generate two kinds of tar balls, one for the Agda wiki containing
lots of files (darcs dist), and one for Hackage, containing fewer files
(cabal sdist). This time it seems as if I accidentally uploaded the
"wiki" tar ball to Hackage...

The Hackage package still builds, so I don't think we need to take any


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