[Agda] another possible without-K problem

Altenkirch Thorsten psztxa at exmail.nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 10 11:56:18 CEST 2013

This looks like a bug ¡V please add it to the bug tracker.

We really need to understand what we are doing when checking wether pattern satisfy the ¡Xwithout-K condition. It seems that Conor's work on translating pattern matching to eliminators (with J and K) would be a good starting point.

At the same time we know that many types support UIP by structure. Michael Hedberg showed that all types with a decidable equality support UIP and it is not hard to see that this can be extended to stable equality (non-not closed). (Little puzzle: without extensionality ¡V are there any types which have stable but not decidable equality ?)

We also want to quantify over all HSets (I.e. types with UIP) and so on.


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Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 16:31:22 +0100
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Subject: [Agda] another possible without-K problem

I'm experiencing something that I think is a violation of the intent of the --without-K flag, similar to what Thorsten was talking about in https://lists.chalmers.se/pipermail/agda/2012/004104.html.

The following file checks fine for me under current darcs Agda:

{-# OPTIONS --without-K #-}

module Test where

data S1 : Set where
    base : S1

module test where
   data _¡Ý_ {A : Set} (a : A) : A ¡÷ Set where
    refl : a ¡Ý a

   bad : (p q : base ¡Ý base) -> p ¡Ý q
   bad refl refl = refl

module test2 where
   data _¡Ý_ {A : Set} : A ¡÷ A ¡÷ Set where
       refl : {x : A} ¡÷ x ¡Ý x

   bad : (p q : base ¡Ý base) -> p ¡Ý q
   bad refl refl = refl

Note that this covers both the possible definitions of the identity type mentioned by Guillaume in https://lists.chalmers.se/pipermail/agda/2012/004105.html

Any ideas what should be done here? Does the K-check need to be further strengthened when there aren't parameters around? Am I misunderstanding something trivial?
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