[Agda] Infinite proofs

Yasuyuki Ogawa lost_dog at nifty.com
Sat Apr 20 06:53:32 CEST 2013

Hi! I'm studying Agda with CPDT, and now reading
"Infinite Data and Proofs" section.


But I can't prove a following infinite proof...
In CPDT, this requires StreamEq, so I tried it but
I couldn't. Can anyone help me?

zeros : Stream N
zeros = cons 0 (# zeros)

ones : Stream N
ones = cons 1 (# ones)

map : forall {A B} -> (A -> B) -> Stream A -> Stream B
map f (cons x xs) = cons (f x) (# map f (b xs))

ones' : Stream N
ones' = map suc zeros

theorem-ones-eq : ones == ones'
theorem-ones-eq = ?

Thank you!

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