[Agda] Datatype parameters and indices

Jan Malakhovski oxij at oxij.org
Fri Jan 25 00:05:39 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

A question that doesn't leave me for a while (like a year or so).

If I remember right, a dozen of versions ago the following code did type check.

data P (A : Set) : Set where
  pack : A → P A

data N : Set → Set where
  packn : {A : Set} → A → N A

Now it complains:

The type of the constructor does not fit in the sort of the
datatype, since Set₁ is not less or equal than Set
when checking the constructor packn in the declaration of N

I can't help but wonder about a justification for this.
It is said that parameters transform into constructors' implicit arguments, but the code above makes me think that, strictly speaking, it isn't the case.

Best regards,

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