[Agda] Re: Your favourite date for AIM XVII (Spring 2013)?

KINOSHITA Yoshiki yoshiki-ml at aist.go.jp
Wed May 30 09:32:13 CEST 2012

Dear all,

so far, there are only three entries in the doodle pole


but we are about to determine the date of AIM XVII to be

  10 April - 16 April, 1013.

If there will be no significant objection to it before the end of next week
(10 June), we will start preparation assuming this date.
We have avoided the batting with ETAPS 2013 and TYPES 2013
but have had no other information as for major meetings.

The above date is usually a bit too late for cherry blossoms in
Osaka/Kyoto/Nara area, but we will try to seek for some northern
places to hold AIM XVII or just pray that cold climate will
delay the blossoms (:-).  (the previous week interfere
with Easter, Easter holiday or Easter vacation in some countries.)

2012/5/18 KINOSHITA Yoshiki <yoshiki-ml at aist.go.jp>

> Dear all
> In the end of AIM XV in Fischbachau, it seems there was established
> an agreement that AIM XVII (the meeting next to AIM XVI to be held in
> Copenhagen) is to be held in Japan in Spring 2013.  There is already an
> item in AIM meetings page for that(!).
> So, I set up a Doodle poll for AIM XVII in the following URL:
> http://www.doodle.com/mf2gtnw5k7rk8iav
> Everyone who intend to attend AIM XVII is welcome to
> declare his/her favourite date and unfavourite date there.
> Also, information about meetings (which would be of interest
> to many of potential AIM XVII participants) and other date
> constraints would be welcome.  Currently I know the following
> (thanks to Andreas):
> * ETAPS is from 16 - 24th of March 2013.
> * Easter holidays are 29th of March to 1st of April 2013.
> (Does every country have the same Easter holiday, or
> it differs according to the country?)
> Best wishes,
> Yoshiki
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