[Agda] Strange way of displaying \sqcap and \sqcup in emacs 23.3.1 Lubuntu 11.10

Daniel Schoepe daniel at schoepe.org
Sat Feb 11 21:12:23 CET 2012

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 14:33:12 +0100, David Wahlstedt <david.wahlstedt at gmail.com> wrote:
> -- symbol obtained by typing \sqcup
> -- ⊔ should look like a disjunction, paste this into a terminal and compare!
> -- symbol obtained by typing \sqcap
> -- ⊓ should look like a conjunction, paste this into a terminal and compare!


I have the same issue, but I've only gotten as far as finding out that
the FreeSerif, which Emacs uses as a fallback font for me, seems to be
responsible: If I install libreoffice, paste it there and change the
font to FreeSerif, the same thing happens. I tried switching the parts
for those two characters in the FreeSerif.sfd file in Debian's source
package, but without success.

I have also not managed to convince Emacs to use a different fallback
font, while keeping my preferred primary font.

> In this mail it looks as it should. Right?

Only if you read your mails outside of Emacs. :)

I'd also be interested in a fix for this, but I should probably report
it as a bug in Debian, too.

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