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Daniel Peebles pumpkingod at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 20:12:36 CEST 2010

This is great news! Have you considered any optimizations along the lines of
"Inductive Families Need Not Store Their Indices" too? It seems like
compilation to Haskell/GHC would be a problem there, as there's no real way
of avoiding a tag check on constructors. Or maybe we can convince the GHC
folks to provide a backdoor of sorts there for it?

Anyway, I'm really excited about this development. Do you plan on keeping
development "open" (with a public repository) and possibly accepting small
contributions from external developers?


On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Andreas Abel <andreas.abel at ifi.lmu.de>wrote:

> To my fellow Agda developers I'd like to announce that I plan to work on
> the compilation to Haskell.  This is to avoid the duplication of efforts.  I
> have two students who are interested to implement an improved compiler for
> Agda, probably they will start working beginning of next year.
> My plans are:
> - typed compilation (that will remove the bulk of unsafeCoerce
> applications)
> - useless code analyses (that will hopefully remove the bulk of static
> code)
> The useless code analyses have been described by Edwin Brady and
> colleagues:
> - "forcing" analysis: removing redundant constructor arguments
> - "collapsing" analysis (aka token type analysis): detecting unit types
> - identity analysis: eliminating applications of traversal functions that
> amount to the identity
> The output will be Haskell source, unless someone integrates external core
> into GHC in the meantime.
> I am tending towards a "pretty" Haskell output that is callable from other
> Haskell modules.  That may encourage Haskell programmers to write parts of
> their projects in Agda even when they want to stick to Haskell as the main
> platform.
> Comments welcome.
> Cheers,
> Andreas
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