[Agda] Dutch FP Day - Call for participation

Swierstra, W.S. (Wouter) W.S.Swierstra at uu.nl
Wed Dec 7 10:28:41 CET 2022

                          FP Dag 2023

           30th Netherlands Functional Programming Day

                    Friday, 06 January, 2023

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


The Netherlands Functional Programming Day (or FP Dag) is an annual
gathering of researchers, students, and practitioners sharing a common
interest in functional programming. The day features talks that cover
the latest advances in research, teaching and applications in the area
of functional programming and (implementation of) functional languages.

Coffee and lunch breaks provide ample opportunity for networking with
your colleagues and meeting new people. Experts and newcomers to the
field are equally welcome.

Colleagues from neighboring countries are more than welcome to attend;
the language of the FP Day is English.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required:


There is a soft registration deadline of Fri 23 Dec 2022.

We are thankful for the sponsoring by Sioux Technologies and the
Software Engineering & Technology group of TU Eindhoven.


You will find a preliminary schedule on the website:


Details will be added as speakers become known.


The morning session of this FP Dag will be held in the Auditorium,
Lecture Hall 04 of Eindhoven University of Technology. You can find
detailed instructions for traveling to TU Eindhoven here:


The lunch and afternoon session will be held at Sioux Labs:



Tom Verhoeff (Overall & Content) <T.Verhoeff at tue.nl>
Anges van den Reek (Logistics, TU Eindhoven) <A.K.M.v.d.Reek at tue.nl>
Duncan Stiphout (Sioux) <Duncan.Stiphout at sioux.eu>

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