[Agda] Call for STSMs, deadline 3 April 2022

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COST Action CA20111 EuroProofNet
Open call for Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

Dear Action members,

The next STSM deadline is:

  3 April 2022

Notification: 15 April. We are especially looking for applications from
women and working groups other than WG3.

*What is an STSM?*

A Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) is a research visit of an individual
researcher from a country participating in the Action in a different
country also participating in the Action. We encourage STSMs, as they are
an effective way of starting and maintaining collaborations.

The procedure for proposing an STSM is described in Annex 2 of the
Annotated Rules (

The main points about STSMs are:

* An STSM must be between two different countries which are participating
in the Action.
* The typical duration is one or two weeks. We favor short missions so that
more people can get funded.
* The financial contribution for an STSM is a fixed grant based on the
applicant’s budget request and the evaluation of the application by the
STSM assessment committee. The grant may not necessarily cover all costs of
the visit. The grant only covers travel and subsistence and is transferred
after the STSM has taken place.
* Recommended grants:
   - up to EUR 120 for daily allowance (depending on the location)
   - up to EUR 400 for travel.
   - the total may not exceed EUR 4000 (this is a hard limit)
* Proposals should be submitted by the deadlines.

*What documents to provide?*

Proposals must be made through the e-COST system (
https://e-services.cost.eu/activity/grants/add?type=STSM , you need to add
a bank account on your profile first). The following documents must be
* The application form (
) with the following data:
   - Details of the STSM: title, dates and justification of the grant
request (details of the travel cost, accommodation cost and living cost)
   - Goals of the STSM (max 200 words)
   - Working plan (max 500 words)
   - Working group(s) it contributes to (see
https://europroofnet.github.io/wg ) and expected outputs and contribution
to the action objectives and deliverables (max 500 words, see
https://europroofnet.github.io/description )
* A letter from the host confirming that he or she will receive the
* Documents justifying the grant request (quotes for travel and

*Selection criteria:*

The criteria according to which funding will be decided are in order:
* importance with regard to the research coordination objectives
* inclusiveness target countries
* age
* gender
* team with low resources
* balance over the action life time between people, teams, countries and
working groups.

*Grant reception:*

To receive the grant, a short scientific report must be submitted through
the e-cost system along with the Host’s approval of the report, within 15
days after the end of the STSM.

*Changing the dates of an STSM, or cancelling an STSM?*

In case you need to change the dates of an accepted STSM, you need to
inform the STSM coordinators as soon as possible and provide new dates so
that the STSM ends before the end of October.

In case you need to cancel an accepted STSM, you need to inform the STSM
coordinators as soon as possible.

For more information, see the website of the action
https://europroofnet.github.io .


Danijela Simic and Ambrus Kaposi

EuroProofNet STSM Coordinators
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