[Agda] An error function and totality

Marko Dimjašević marko at dimjasevic.net
Mon Nov 19 07:30:42 CET 2018

Dear Agda community,

I've been wondering if there is an Agda equivalent of the error
function in Haskell and Idris. In Haskell, it is this one:


In Idris, it is the Debug.Error.error function:


I find it interesting that Idris reports this function to be total,
although it throws an exception. I asked in the Idris mailing list how
come it is total [1], but I got no reply in two weeks.

Does Agda have an equivalent function? Does Agda find the function to
be total?

[1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/idris-lang/_CqBa0YZJSw

Marko Dimjašević <marko at dimjasevic.net>
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