[Agda] "Semantics of Proofs and Certified Mathematics", IHP trimester (second call for starting school and workshop registration)

Hugo Herbelin Hugo.Herbelin at inria.fr
Sun Nov 17 16:47:46 CET 2013

We are glad to announce that the webpage


contains now some more detailed information on the programme

** Semantics of proofs and certified mathematics **

  held at IHP, Paris, from April 22 to July 11, 2014.

In particular, you will be able to find

1) an overview of the contents of the spring school ("préécole") that will be held at CIRM, Marseille, before the trimester, from

  April 7 to April 18.

It is still possible to register at the school, here:


A small amount of funding is available for supporting the cost of full boarding at CIRM (but not the travel expenses) of students and postdocs. Young researchers interested in benefiting from that support should register to the trimester as well, here:


and upload a CV and preferably a letter of recommendation.
Individual mails can also be sent to the organisers.

** This should be done in the next days/weeks, as final decisions on beneficiaries will be taken by early December **

2) preliminary lists of confirmed invited speakers for the 5 workshops of the IHP programme

5–9 May     Workshop 1   Formalization of mathematics in proof assistants
12–16 May   TYPES 2014
26–30 May   MAP 2014
2–6 June    Workshop 2   Constructive mathematics and models of type theory
10–14 June  Workshop 3   Semantics of proofs and programs
23–27 June  Workshop 4   Abstraction and verification in semantics
7–11 July   Workshop 5   Certification of high-level and low-level programs

Registration to individual workshops is free but mandatory here:


(you do not need to register to the trimester unless you intend to stay for longer than the duration of a workshop)

The organisers

Pierre-Louis Curien <curien at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr>
Hugo Herbelin <Hugo.Herbelin at inria.fr>
Paul-Andre Mellies <mellies at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr>

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