[Agda] Joint 25th RTA & 12th TLCA: CALL FOR PAPERS

Luca Paolini paolini at di.unito.it
Thu Oct 31 12:14:06 CET 2013

Joint 25th International Conference on
and 12th International Conference on

   July 14–17, 2014, Vienna, Austria

Abstract submission: January 28, 2014
Notification: April 9, 2014
Paper submission: February 4, 2014
Final version: April 29, 2014
Rebuttal period: March 19–21, 2014

Submissions presenting original work are expected at

They should be at most 15 pages (10 for system descriptions) and follow

The proceedings will be published in the LNCS Advanced Research in
Computing and Software Science series of Springer. One author of each
accepted paper is expected to present it at the conference.

This joint RTA and TLCA conference is the major forum for the 
presentation of research on all aspects of rewriting and typed 
lambda-calculi. Areas of interest include but are not limited to:
- Foundations: string rewriting; term rewriting; graph rewriting; 
lambdacalculi; higher-order rewriting; binding techniques; constrained 
rewriting and deduction; categorical and infinitary rewriting; 
stochastic rewriting; net rewriting; Petri nets; higher-dimensional 
rewriting; process calculi; explicit substitution; tree automata; 
confluence; termination; complexity; modularity.
- Algorithmic aspects and implementation: strategies; matching; 
unification; anti-unification; narrowing; constraint solving; theorem 
proving; completion techniques; implementation techniques; parallel 
execution; certification of rewriting properties; abstract machines; 
automated (non)termination and confluence provers; automated complexity 
analysis; SMT solving; system descriptions.
- Logic: proof theory; natural deduction; sequent calculi; proof 
assistants; cut elimination and normalization; propositions as types; 
linear logic and proof nets; equational logic; rewriting logic; 
rewriting calculi; proof checking; reasoning about programming languages 
and logics; homotopy type theory;
type-theoretic aspects of complexity; implicit computational complexity.
- Types: dependent types; polymorphism; intersection types and related 
approaches; subtyping; type inference and type checking; types in databases.
- Semantics: denotational semantics; operational semantics; game 
semantics; realisability; domain theory; categorical models; universal 
- Programming: foundational aspects of functional programming, object 
oriented programming, and other programming paradigms; flow analysis
of higher-type computation; program equivalence; program transformation;
program optimization; program refactoring; rewriting models of programs;
rule-based (functional and logic) programming; control operators; 
symbolic and algebraic computation; system synthesis and verification; 
XML queries and transformations; types in program analysis and 
verification; analysis of cryptographic protocols; systems biology; 

Programme Committee
Andreas Abel (Gothenburg)
Beniamino Accattoli (Bologna)
Zena Ariola (Oregon)
Steffen van Bakel (Imperial College)
Pierre Clairambault (CNRS)
Ugo Dal Lago (Bologna)
Gilles Dowek (Inria)
Santiago Escobar (Valencia)
Amy Felty (Ottawa)
Maribel Fernandez (King’s college)
Adria Gascon (SRI International)
Jeroen Ketema (Imperial College)
Christopher Lynch (Clarkson)
Masahito Hasegawa (Kyoto)
Olivier Hermant (MINES ParisTech)
Paul-Andre Mellies (CNRS)
Alexandre Miquel (UdelaR)
Cesar Munoz (NASA)
Vivek Nigam (Paraıba)
Luke Ong (Oxford)
Brigitte Pientka (McGill)
Femke van Raamsdonk (Amsterdam)
Jakob Rehof (Dortmund)
David Sabel (Frankfurt)
Gernot Salzer (Wien)
Sylvain Salvati (Inria)
Aleksy Schubert (Warszawa)
Peter Selinger (Dalhousie)
Paula Severi (Leicester)
Christian Sternagel (JAIST)
Kazushige Terui (Kyoto)
Mateu Villaret (Girona)
Fer-Jan de Vries (Leicester)
Harald Zankl (Innsbruck)

Programme Chair
Gilles Dowek

Conference Chair
Gernot Salzer


Luca Paolini, Sophie Tison RTA & TLCA publicity chairs

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