[Agda] ≡ → ≈

Matus Tejiscak ziman at functor.sk
Thu Oct 17 13:58:30 CEST 2013

Quoting Sergei Meshveliani <mechvel at botik.ru>:
> The checker sees that  PE.refl  is the only value in  x ≡ y,
> so it needs to put  PE.refl  for `_'.
> Why does not it?

I don't know the exact fundamental reasons but there is at least one  
technical reason that this is not as simple. Consider the following  

> f : {A B : Set} {x : A} {f g : A → B} → f x ≡ g x → f x ≡ g x
> f eq = eq
> g : {A B : Set} {x : A} {f g : A → B} → f x ≡ g x → f x ≡ g x
> g refl = refl

While the function f typechecks, the function g does not. The reason  
is that when pattern-matching on the refl, Agda would have to unify (f  
x) with (g x), which is impossible because neither is a variable.

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