[Agda] How do I handle haskell type contexts from agda when using the ffi?

Chris Moline blackredtree at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 00:09:45 CEST 2013

Hi, I'm making a binding to gtk to help me gain some familiarity  with the
language but I don't know how to reflect type constraints within agda. How
can I make "instances" of a type?

For example, 'actionConnectProxy :: (ActionClass self, WidgetClass proxy) =>
self -> proxy -> IO ()'

This is easily exported with

  actionConnectProxy : {A, B : Set} -> A -> B -> IO Unit

{-# COMPILED actionConnectProxy Graphics.UI.Gtk.actionConnectProxy #-}

But how do I restrict A to ActionClass and B to WidgetClass? I could go

postulate WidgetClass : {A : Set} -> A -> A

{-# COMPILED_TYPE WidgetClass (WidgetClass a => a) #-}

But  I would like the data type to be somehow restricted to "instances" of
the type. Any help would be appreciated.
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