[Agda] Homotopy Type Theory IRC Channel

Darin Morrison darinmorrison at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 07:52:44 CEST 2013


Just a quick note that there is now a channel on the freenode IRC network
for real time discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and related topics.

The channel is ##hott (please note the double hash!) on irc://
chat.freenode.net and currently has around 20 users and growing.

For reference, the freenode IRC network has an active community of type
theory enthusiasts, functional programmers, and mathematicians in various
channels, including ##categorytheory, ##logic, #agda, #coq, #epigram,
#haskell, #idris, #ocaml, and others. Across these channels there are now
upwards of 1000 users.

One can find more information on the freenode IRC network, including
software or web-based IRC clients, at https://freenode.net

We are hoping the ##hott channel can be a useful resource for interested
parties. Please feel free to repost this information elsewhere.

Kind Regards,
Darin Morrison
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