[Agda] Termination checker correctness proof

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There is certainly our old paper:


  author =       {Andreas Abel and Thorsten Altenkirch},
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Subject: [Agda] Termination checker correctness proof

Dear Agda mailing list,

I'm currently writing my master thesis on pattern matching with dependent types, and I have a question about the termination checker in Agda.

On the wiki page on termination<http://wiki.portal.chalmers.se/agda/pmwiki.php?n=ReferenceManual.TerminationChecker>, there is the following definition of the termination order:

 1.  Constructor elimination: if cons is a constructor, x < cons a1..an x b1..bn,
 2.  Application: if y<x then (ya)<x where a is a vector of terms.

but I can't find a proof why this termination order is correct, i.e. why it is well-founded. Specifically rule 2 seems suspicious because evaluating ya could give something that's not smaller than x.

A proof would certainly need the fact that data types are strictly positive, otherwise we get non-termination problems like the type Bad<http://wiki.portal.chalmers.se/agda/pmwiki.php?n=ReferenceManual.BadInHaskell>.

One way to argue correctness of the termination checker would be that pattern matching can be translated to a case tree, which can be translated to eliminators, which are terminating by some type theoretic metatheory. But I would like to have a more direct proof that doesn't use the equivalence with case trees.

Can someone give me an argument or a reference which shows that this termination order is well-founded? This would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

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