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Please distribute, please apply!

Official announcement:

PhD students, two in Language Technology and Formal Methods

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, Fixed-term employment, four
years full-time PhD studies
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Johanneberg -
First day of employment: As agreed
Reference number: UR 2013/259

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University
of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology announces two PhD
positions within the research project Reliable Multilingual Digital
Communication: Methods and Applications (REMU) funded by the Swedish
Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

The CSE Department provides a strong, international, and dynamic research
environment with about 70 faculty and 70 PhD students from about 30
countries. The PhD positions are located jointly in two research groups:
Language Technology and Formal Methods. The PhD supervisors will be
professors from these groups: Aarne Ranta (REMU principal scientist), Koen
Claessen, and Gerardo Schneider.
Job assignments

REMU builds on the unique joint competence of the Department in the areas
of language technology, formal methods, and functional programming. Its
objective is to develop methods for high-quality machinetranslation, formal
verification, reasoning, and information retrieval of missioncritical
documents such as contracts and legal texts. Building on formalized
interlingual representations (abstract syntax), the REMU project will
targetapplications in several parallel languages. The research problems
range from fundamental language-theoretic questions (e.g. ambiguity
detection) to practicalsystem building (e.g. an editor by which end users
can build multilingual webpages). In the mid ground, the project has topics
in grammar engineering, theorem proving, software testing methodology, and
logical modelling. The PhD student positions are open for students with a
Masters degree in computer science, computational linguistics, or a related
field. Their PhD topics will be selected on an individual basis from the
task defined in REMU's research plan.

The positions are for five years, with a start between 1 June and 31
December 2013, as agreed with the selected holders of the positions. The
PhD students will work 20% of their time in teaching and other departmental
duties. PhD students get a regular full-time salary, sufficient for a small
family to live in Gothenburg.


The qualifications for education on a doctoral level are: degree in
advanced level, at least 240 university points, of which 60 are on an
advanced level, or in an other way acquired similar knowledge.

An applicant to the positions must have graduated with a Masters degree
before the start of the PhD studies. But at the time of application, it is
enough to have a realistic plan leading to a degree so that the studies can
start before the end of 2013.

The following qualifications, if reported as a part of the application,
will be used for assessing the candidates:
- Masters thesis (at least a draft), in an area related to REMU
- publications, in an area related to REMU
- programming skills, in particular, functional programming
- mathematical skills, in particular, formal languages, logic, statistics
- extensive language skills, and/or knowledge of linguistics
- work experience from demanding software projects
- recommendations, from the Masters supervisor and/or other persons in
areas related REMU


As a holder of the position you must first be accepted to postgraduate
level. The candidates will be selected from among the ability to benefit
from the research education. In addition to pursuing its own research
studies it may be required to perform duties relating to education,
research and administration, according to the specific regulations.

Additional information

Following documents should be included in the applications:
- attested copies of education certificates, including grade reports and
other documents, English language test, e.g. TOEFL score,
- letters of recommendation from academic institutions and/or previous
- details of your specific qualifications for the position
- list of publications
- relevant work such as bachelor's or master's thesis (or outline of a
thesis under preparation).

 Log in

To the job application portal<http://gudok.gu.se/E-rek_CV/Login.aspx?type=E>

NB. The online job application portal is optimized for Firefox 3.0.8 and
Internet Explorer 8.0 (or later versions).

User manual for the
 Related informationFor further information please contact

Aarne Ranta, Professor
+46 31 772 1082
aarne at chalmers.se

Koen Claessen, Assistant head of department
+46 31 772 5424
koen at chalmers.se

Gerardo Schneider, Associate professor
+46 31 772 6073
gersch at chalmers.se

Labour union

OFR/S: Stefan Schedin
031-786 4770
stefan.schedin at gu.se

SACO: Martin Selander
031-786 1987
martin.selander at gu.se

SEKO: Lennart Olsson
031-786 1173
lennart.olsson at seko.fack.gu.se

Closing date

Appointment Procedure

Please apply online.

Complementary documents, such as publications/books should be sent to the
following address:

Ann-Britt Karlsson
IT Faculty
SE 412 96 Göteborg

Reference number should be clearly stated when sending complementary

The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and

Salary is determined on an individual basis.

Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after
the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed
and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.
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