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Dan Ghica dan at ghica.net
Mon Mar 18 11:03:52 CET 2013

Postdoctoral Research Positions
University of Birmingham and Imperial College

We are advertising two postdoctoral research positions on a new
EPSRC project titled "A higher-order approach to co-design". It aims to
develop semantic and type-theoretical models of high-level languages
(functional, imperative, concurrent) in order to produce better
compilation methods for heterogeneous architectures (CPU and FPGA).

The project has two tracks. One is focussed on theoretical aspects such
as types for resource management and semantic models, particularly game
semantics, and will be mainly carried out in Birmingham. The other is
focussed on heterogeneous design, optimisation and applications, and
will be mainly carried out at Imperial. The two sites will collaborate
very closely and will jointly develop the Geometry of Synthesis FPGA
compiler (http://www.veritygos.org/).

The project is funded for 3 years, starting June 2013 and one post-doc
will be employed at each site. The positions will be for an initial
period of 18 months with the possibility of extension.

Candidates will need expertise in theory of programming languages (types
and semantics) or reconfigurable computing (FPGA design and
applications, EDA). We are particularly interested in candidates who are
excellent thinkers and willing to learn and apply cutting-edge theory in
order to solve practical problems and develop tools. A practical
knowledge of functional programming languages is essential.

The theory group in Birmingham and the FPGA group at Imperial are
world-leading so we seek applicants with an excellent track record of

To apply use the links below.

Birmingham : http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AGD835/research-fellow
Imperial : http://bit.ly/WrUNjy

For more details contact the co-investigators:

Dan R. Ghica, Birmingham
d.r.ghica at cs.bham.ac.uk

George Constantinides, Imperial
g.constantinides at imperial.ac.uk

Also see the EPSRC project summary

Dr. Dan Ghica
Sr. Lecturer
University of Birmingham
Computer Science

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