[Agda] newest agda dependencies

PÁLI Gábor János pgj at elte.hu
Thu Feb 7 09:14:55 CET 2013

Hi Andreas,

On Thu, Feb 07, 2013 at 08:57:09AM +0100, Andreas Abel wrote:
> I do not have any insight into the deployment mechanisms of other
> OSs, but if you think this is helpful then please go ahead.

That is simple: there cannot be multiple versions of the same package present
in the distribution, as far as I know this is the same for Debian, Fedora and
many others, except Nix-based distributions, e.g. NixOS.

As Agda-executable depends on Agda, I could only patch it to make it work
with Agda 2.3.2 -- unless if I want to mark it broken, but I usually like to
keep working packags in the Ports Collection :-)  But that is why I asked
Peter, because I had a vague impression that Agda-executable is deprecated,
so it seems this package could be indeed safely dropped, while I could move
to the latest Agda in the meantime.


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