[Agda] Agda on ghc-7.6.2-candidate

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at botik.ru
Thu Jan 10 09:15:03 CET 2013


This is on installing  Agda-2.3.2, MAlonzo  on  ghc-7.6.2-pre.

ghc-7.6.2  is coming and asks for testing its candidate  
So, I have tried to install Agda-2.3.2, MAlonzo  from source on 
-- with  ghc-  made from source  on Debian Linux.

Everything looks as installed, but the final use of

  agda -c $agdaLibOpt Main.agda

  Compiling  Level ...
  No such file ... not found  FFI.IO

(I do not recall the precise expression for the underlined part).
Main.agda  includes

  open import Foreign.Haskell
  open import IO.Primitive
and it looks like FFI has changed its place in this GHC candidate, 
may be, it will return to its place in the official  ghc-7.6.2,  
I do not know.
If Agda is going to deal with ghc-7.6.2, may be it worths to see what
is the matter with this ghc-7.6.2 candidate.



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