[Agda] Does the order of patterns matter?

Altenkirch Thorsten psztxa at exmail.nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 26 13:04:38 CEST 2012

Hi Achim,

basically a pattern in Agda is a proof of exhaustiveness and Agda will
only recognize exhaustive patterns which are produced by splitting a
trivial pattern. Indeed you don't need (and actually you shouldn't) write
patterns yourself but generate them by starting with a trivial pattern like

x ≡ y = { }

and then split it by writing the variable in the shed, e.g. x and typing
C-c C-c.

Btw, I'd think you should only need 4 lines to define equality.

Another remark: the function you define factors through Bool and the
embedding from Bool to Set.


On 26/09/2012 11:51, "Achim Jung" <A.Jung at cs.bham.ac.uk> wrote:

>    I am new to Agda and have run into the following problem.
>When defining a term by pattern matching and when those patterns are
>mutually exclusive, then it seems to me that the order in which they
>are listed should not matter. However, while trying to prove a simple
>statement about equality modulo 2 on the natural numbers, I discovered
>a case where it appears to matter a lot, in that for the first
>definition my theorem type-checks whereas for the second it doesn't.
>The attached short Agda code file is very simple and hopefully
>    Achim.
>PS: I am running version on Ubuntu 12.04.
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