Compositional termination [Re: [Agda] Termination checking: valid or invalid]

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Tue Sep 25 10:13:08 CEST 2012

Hi Wojciech,

funny you should ask the same question as recently posted on the bug tracker

The problem is that the current termination-check is non-compositional, 
i.e., you cannot abstract out expressions (like application in your 
case) without breaking the termination check.

In the contrary, type-based termination is compositional, so if you use 
sized types, your example checks.

I have picked up work on a smoother integration of sized types into Agda 
again, but for now, you have to do something manually:

{-# OPTIONS --sized-types #-}
module WojciechJedynakTermination where

open import Size

open import Data.Nat
open import Data.Fin
open import Function
open import Data.Vec

   A : Set

data Tree : {i : Size} → Set where
   leaf : {i : Size} → Tree {↑ i}
   node : {i : Size} → A → {n : ℕ} → (Fin n → Tree {i}) → Tree {↑ i}

-- find the "complement" of the given i
reverse-fin : ∀ {n} → Fin n → Fin n
reverse-fin i = lookup i (reverse (allFin _))

mirror : ∀ {i} → Tree {i} → Tree {i}
mirror leaf = leaf
mirror (node a fts) = node a (λ i → mirror (fts (reverse-fin i)))

-- works now:
mirror2 : ∀ {i} → Tree {i} → Tree {i}
mirror2 leaf = leaf
mirror2 (node a fts) = node a (λ i → mirror2 $ fts (reverse-fin i))


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