[Agda] Re: ANN: Jekejeke Prolog 0.9.5 (runtime console, google play)

Jan Burse janburse at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 4 00:16:27 CEST 2012

Andreas Abel schrieb:
> Thanks, Jan.
> But I do not see the connection to Agda.  Could you enlighten us?
> Cheers,
> Andreas

I noticed via the following slides that in the vincinity of
logical framework sometimes research on forward chaining is done:

The Jekejeke Minlog is my take of a forward chaining component,
with demonstrated applications in chart parsing and CLP(FD)(*)(**):

Please feel free to give a try.

Need still to write a roll your own CLP(*) tutorial section.

The forward chaining component has a nice Minimal logic reading,
but this has not yet been described exessively, there are only
some slides from TaCoS 2012.

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