[Agda] [REMINDER] Agda Intensive Meeting 16th (AIM XVI) in Copenhagen

Nicolas Pouillard nicolas.pouillard at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 17:42:41 CEST 2012

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This is a reminder that the next instance of AIM approaches.

It will be held at ITU in Copenhagen from October 3 to October 9.

Registration is still open and it is now a good time propose talks
and code sprint ideas.

Everyone with a genuine interest in Agda is invited
to attend. The meeting will be similar to previous ones:

 * Presentations concerning theory, implementation, and use cases
   of Agda.

 * Discussions around issues of the Agda language.

 * Plenty of time to work on or in Agda, in collaboration with the
   other participants.

A few details can be found on the wiki page of the event:


including pointers to recommended accommodations.


Although no  official registration is needed,  we want to know  how many
will attend. If you want to give a  talk please send us the title and an

To register, please reply to us (our email is aim16 at ƛ.net — or if you
are not an unicode aficionado aim16 at xn--dia.net), filling out the
following form:


* I'd like to give a talk or lead a discussion (yes/no):
Abstract: (optional)

* Suggestion for code-sprint (optional):

See you in København,

Nicolas Pouillard
Daniel Gustafsson
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