[Agda] simple example

Dan Rosén danr at student.chalmers.se
Thu Aug 16 13:39:25 CEST 2012

> 1. Is it possible to  postulate termination  for a given function?

Yes. From the release notes in doc/release-notes/2-3-2.txt:

* New: Pragma NO_TERMINATION_CHECK to switch off termination checker
  for individual function definitions and mutual blocks.

  The pragma must precede a function definition or a mutual block.
  Examples (see test/succeed/NoTerminationCheck.agda):

  1. Skipping a single definition: before type signature.

       a : A
       a = a

  2. Skipping a single definition: before first clause.

       b : A
       b = b

  3. Skipping an old-style mutual block: Before 'mutual' keyword.

         c : A
         c = d

         d : A
         d = c

  4. Skipping a new-style mutual block: Anywhere before a type
     signature or first function clause in the block

       i : A
       j : A

       i = j
       j = i

  The pragma cannot be used in --safe mode.


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