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Jeremy.Gibbons at cs.ox.ac.uk Jeremy.Gibbons at cs.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 23 23:35:01 CEST 2012


11th International Conference on Mathematics of Program Construction (MPC 2012)
Madrid, Spain, 25-27 June 2012


Hotel rooms reserved until:  *** 30th May 2012 ***
Early registration deadline: *** 6th June 2012 ***


The biennial MPC conferences aim to promote the development of
mathematical principles and techniques that are demonstrably practical
and effective in the process of constructing computer programs,
broadly interpreted. The 2012 MPC conference will be held in Madrid,
Spain, from 25th to 27th June 2012.


The conference will take place in Madrid, the capital of Spain, in the
Sala de Grados of the Facultad de Informática of Universidad
Complutense de Madrid, right in Madrid's Ciudad Universitaria (city
campus), not far from the city centre and other major tourist
attractions. Accommodation has been reserved in a nearby 4-star hotel,
the VP Jardin Metropolitano.


Conference registration is now open; see


Registration fees have been kept low thanks to a grant from the
Spanish Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad. The early
registration fee is €240, which includes lunches, coffees, and social
events.  The early registration deadline is 6th June 2012; after this
point, the registration fee rises to €340.

Hotel reservation is handled separately; see


We have a block booking of rooms at the conference hotel at a special
reduced rate, but only until 30th May 2012; after this point, the
rooms will be released and the special rate unavailable.  (There are
few well-connected budget hotels in the area, and June marks the start
of Spain's tourist season with a sharp rise in hotel rates; so we
strongly advise you to meet this hotel registration deadline.)


   * Gilles Barthe, IMDEA Software Institute (http://software.imdea.org/people/gilles.barthe/)
     "Probabilistic Relational Hoare Logics for Computer-Aided Security Proofs"

   * Dan Ghica, University of Birmingham (http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~drg/)
     "The Geometry of Synthesis: How to Make Hardware out of Software"

   * Tony Hoare, Microsoft Research (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/thoare/)
     "The Laws of Programming Unify Process Calculi"


   * "Scheduler-Independent Declassification"
     Alexander Lux, Heiko Mantel and Matthias Perner

   * "Elementary Probability Theory in the Eindhoven Style"
     Carroll Morgan

   * "Scheduling and Buffer Sizing of n-Synchronous Systems: Typing of Ultimately Periodic Clocks in Lucy-n"
     Louis Mandel and Florence Plateau

   * "Deriving Real-Time Action Systems Controllers from Multiscale System Specifications"
     Brijesh Dongol and Ian J. Hayes

   * "Calculating Graph Algorithms for Dominance and Shortest Path"
     Ilya Sergey, Jan Midtgaard and Dave Clarke

   * "First-Past-the-Post Games"
     Roland Backhouse

   * "Reverse Exchange for Concurrency and Local Reasoning"
     Han-Hing Dang and Bernhard Möller

   * "Unifying Correctness Statements"
     Walter Guttmann

   * "Dependently Typed Programming based on Automated Theorem Proving"
     Alasdair Armstrong, Simon Foster and Georg Struth

   * "An Algebraic Calculus of Database Preferences"
     Bernhard Möller, Patrick Roocks and Markus Endres

   * "Modular Tree Automata"
     Patrick Bahr

   * "Constructing Applicative Functors"
     Ross Paterson

   * "Kan Extensions for Program Optimisation, Or: Art and Dan Explain an Old Trick"
     Ralf Hinze


The conference excursion will be a guided tour of Madrid's Royal Palace.
The banquet will be Northern Spanish cuisine at the Sidreria-Asador Gaztemanu.


Jeremy Gibbons           University of Oxford, UK (co-chair)
Pablo Nogueira           Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES (co-chair)

Ralph Back               Åbo Akademi, FI
Roland Backhouse         University of Nottingham, UK
Eerke Boiten             University of Kent, UK
William Cook             University of Texas at Austin, US
Jules Desharnais         Université Laval, CA
Lindsay Groves           Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Ian Hayes                University of Queensland, AU
Ralf Hinze               University of Oxford, UK
Graham Hutton            University of Nottingham, UK
Johan Jeuring            Utrecht Universiteit, NL
Christian Lengauer       Universität Passau, DE
Larissa Meinicke         University of Queensland, AU
Bernhard Möller          Universität Augsburg, DE
Carroll Morgan           University of New South Wales, AU
Shin-Cheng Mu            Academia Sinica, TW
Dave Naumann             Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Jose Oliveira            Universidade do Minho, PT
Steve Reeves             University of Waikato, NZ
Wouter Swierstra         Utrecht Universiteit, NL
Anya Tafliovich          University of Toronto Scarborough, CA


Pablo Nogueira           Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Ricardo Peña             Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Alvaro García            IMDEA Software Institute and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Manuel Montenegro        Universidad Complutense de Madrid

For queries about local matters, please write to pablo at babel.ls.fi.upm.es.

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