[Agda] CfP: Math Information Retrieval Worksohp 14. July 2012

m.kohlhase at jacobs-university.de m.kohlhase at jacobs-university.de
Thu Mar 29 18:20:18 CEST 2012

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             MIR 2012 Workshop (Mathematics Information Retrieval)
             July 14. 2011 
             at CICM 2012, Bremen Germany

The MIR Workshop brings together researchers working on information retrieval for
mathematical document collections for discussions and friendly systems

Workshop format:

The MIR Workshop will consist of a traditional-style scientific program with
presentations of submitted papers in the half-day Math IR Symposium together
with the Math IR happening, where workshop participants competitively or jointly
solve a set of Math IR challenges and submit their solutions to a panel of
mathematician judges.

Important dates:
- Symposium:
   Paper Submission:        May 20. 2012
   Notification:                 May 28. 2012
   Final Versions:		June 15. 2012

- Happening:
   Dataset available:         now    
   System Registration:    May 20. 2012

Michael Kohlhase, Jacobs University (PC co-chair)
Petr Sojka, Brno University  (PC co-chair)

Math IR Symposium at MIR 2012 

The Math IR Symposium is a traditional-style workshop with scientific
contributions about mathematics information retrieval. Topics include but not
limited to:

-  requirements for mathematics information retrieval: use cases and typical queries
-  formula search algorithms
-  semantically enhancing mathematical corpora for IR
-  extracting semantic relations from corpora.
-   evaluation of MIR (methods and test corpora)

Math IR Happening at MIR 2012 

A friendly competition for the systems presented at the workshop. Since math
information retrieval is still quite young and developing, we will not make this
an official competition, but a happening, where we get together and test our
system on a common set of problems.  We expect the happening to transcend the
workshop proper. 

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