[Agda] Chairman disappears from world's biggest computer conference

James Allen jmsallen12 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 16:33:49 CET 2012

Subject: Chairman disappears from world's biggest computer conference

The Chairman of the world's biggest computer science conference
WORLDCOMP has disappeared without notice from the conference website
since March 12, 2012: http://www.world-academy-of-science.org (click
on the Contact information or anywhere on this website and you notice
that there is no conference chair's name and address). It is very
strange but why he disappeared?

Hamid Arabnia (a professor of computer science in the University of
Georgia (UGA), USA) is the founder and chairman of WORLDCOMP for more
than a decade and he runs the conference primarily for registration
fee collection. He accepted almost all submitted papers (more papers,
means more registration fee!) without any review (but tricking the
authors that there is a review ). According to an analysis
he has earned 10-15 million US dollars from registration fee alone
(money from sponsors is not added to this).

Recently WORLDCOMP has been proven to be the biggest scam conference
on earth! Visit the website
written by a famous plagiarism researcher Prof. Debora Weber-Wulff
from Germany (Google her name for details) and follow the link to see
why it is a fake conference.

Since WORLDCOMP has been proven to be fake, it looks Hamid Arabnia is
concerned of lawsuits and blames/insults from researchers all over the
world but at the same time, he is determined to run this sham
conference somehow (for registration fee). It seems, this is the
reason why he disappeared from WORLDCOMP's website and he is now
running the conference anonymously. WORLDCOMP is the first conference
in the entire world that is running without the name of its
chairman/coordinator (and his physical address/affiliation) on the

The draft paper submission deadline for WORLDCOMP is silently extended
from March 12 to March 27, 2012. The deadline may be extended more
times to get more papers (means, more registration fee in to the
pocket). As of March 12, 2012, there are no program committee members,
no keynote speakers, no steering committee members, no organizing
committee members, and of course, there is no chairman/coordinator!
Why is Hamid Arabnia still running this fake conference? (except for
registration fee).

If Hamid Arabnia is running this conference for academic/professional
purpose, we ask him to put his academic/professional affiliation (ie,
his UGA affiliation) along with his name on WORLDCOMP website. We also
ask him to answer all the questions at

Several authors who published papers in previous WORLDCOMPs are very
much worried about their CVs. Hope this information is helpful in case
you have plans to submit a paper to WORLDCOMP (that has more than 20
international conferences).

See http://sites.google.com/site/worlddump1 for more information.

If none of the previous links work then search the internet with any
of the following words: worldcomp fake OR hamid arabnia fake OR hamid
arabnia bogus conference OR worldcomp bogus conference

James Allen

PS: Hamid Arabnia may soon “bring” another person (his puppet) as the
chairman/coordinator (but Hamid Arabnia is the person who actually
runs the bogus conference from behind the scenes). In the worst case
(eg., if Hamid Arabnia's disappearance creates a problem to
WORLDCOMP's existence), he may reemerge as the chairman/coordinator
but without his UGA affiliation.

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