[Agda] HOR 2012: Call for papers

Andreas Abel andreas.abel at ifi.lmu.de
Mon Mar 19 10:25:38 CET 2012

Note: deadline for submissions is March 26th.

                             Call for papers
          6th International Workshop on Higher-Order Rewriting

                                HOR 2012

                       June 2, 2012, Nagoya, Japan
                          Colocated with RTA'12

HOR is a forum to present work concerning all aspects of
higher-order rewriting. The aim is to provide an informal and
friendly setting to discuss recent work and work in progress
concerning higher-order rewriting. The following is a
non-exhaustive list of topics for the workshop:

* Applications:
   proof checking, type checking, theorem proving, functional
   programming, declarative programming, program transformation,
   using some notions of higher-order rewriting.

* Foundations:
   pattern matching, unification, strategies, termination,
   syntactic properties, type theory, for higher-order rewriting.

* Frameworks:
   graph rewriting, net rewriting, comparisons of different formats.

* Implementation:
   explicit substitution, rewriting tools, compilation techniques.

* Semantics:
   semantics of higher-order rewriting, higher-order abstract
   syntax, categorical rewriting.

Important dates
       Paper submission:         March 26, 2012
       Notification:             April 20, 2012
       Final version:            May 10, 2012
       Workshop:                 June 2, 2012

Two categories of papers are solicited:

     - Category A: Extended abstracts of new results, describing
       work in progress, or problems in higher-order rewriting.

     - Category B: Short versions of recently published or
       submitted elsewhere articles on higher-order
       rewriting. Papers in this category are for presentation
       only, and not considered as candidates for the
       post-workshop proceedings.

Papers in both categories should be between 2 and 5 pages, and
should note the category (either A or B). Papers are formatted
according to EPTCS style, and submitted electronically via the
EasyChair submission website. Papers will be judged on relevance,
originality, correctness and usefulness.

Please address your questions to the PC chair:
hamana at cs.gunma-u.ac.jp.

The proceedings of HOR 2012 will be made available on the HOR
2012 web page, and a printed version will be distributed at the
workshop. Post-workshop proceedings of extended abstracts of
selected contributions is planned to be published as a volume of

Program Committee
Andreas Abel (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany)
Frederic Blanqui (INRIA, France)
Makoto Hamana (Gunma University, Japan) (chair)
Stefan Kahrs (University of Kent, UK)
Fer-Jan de Vries (University of Leicester, UK)

Program and Organizing Chair
Makoto Hamana (Gunma University, Japan)

Andreas Abel  <><      Du bist der geliebte Mensch.

Theoretical Computer Science, University of Munich
Oettingenstr. 67, D-80538 Munich, GERMANY

andreas.abel at ifi.lmu.de

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