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> From: Neil Ghani <Neil.Ghani at cis.strath.ac.uk>
> Date: 7 March 2012 09:09:11 GMT
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> Subject: categories: PhD position available
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> ******************************************************************
> ***                               PhD Position
> ***
> ***             Higher Dimensional Categories and Types
> ***
> ***         Mathematically Structured Programming Group
> ***                     University of Strathclyde
> ***
> ******************************************************************
> Applications are invited for PhD study under the supervision of Prof
> Neil Ghani on any topic relating to higher dimensional category theory
> and/or higher dimensional type theory. The position is fully funded  
> for EU
> students (apologies to non EU-citizens for this ridiculous piece of
> non-meritocracy) and will last for 3 years.The applicant's  
> motivation must centre  on a
> desire for beautiful mathematics of lasting value. The applicant  
> should also have an innate
> sense of the wonder of learning allied to the capacity to work hard  
> and achieve their
> goals.
> The Mathematically Structured Programming Group's vision is to use
> mathematics to understand the nature of computation, and to then turn
> that understanding into the next generation of programming
> languages. This reflects the symbiotic relationship between
> mathematics, programming, and the design of programming languages ---
> any attempt to sever this connection will diminish each component. In
> order to achieve these research goals we mainly use ideas from
> category theory, type theory and functional programming. Besides
> Professor Neil Ghani, the group consists of a number of
> internationally leading researchers including Dr Patricia Johann, Dr
> Conor McBride, Dr Peter Hancock, Dr Robert Atkey as well as a number
> of PhD students.
> Anyone interested should in the first instance contact Professor Neil
> Ghani whose email address is "ng at cis.strath.ac.uk"  and outline  
> their academic
> background. Applications will be considered on a first come, first
> served basis.
> [For admin and other information see: http://www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/ ]

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