[Agda] World's biggest fake conference in computer science

James Allen jmsallen12 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 22:37:42 CET 2012

--- Better not to have a publication than to publish in WORLDCOMP and
spoil the resume for ever ---

If you didn't know already, WORLDCOMP is the World's biggest fake
conference in computer science
http://sites.google.com/site/worlddump1  The next WORLDCOMP, the 2012
World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied
Computing (consists of more than twenty different conferences), July
16-19, 2012, USA, is organized by Hamid Arabnia. He has been running
this fake (bogus or junk or scam) conference business (registration
fee collection is the primary goal) for over a decade by accepting
almost all submitted papers without any review but claiming and
cheating that there is a review by "two experts".

A very brief version of FCS'11 (it is part of WORLDCOMP) is at
http://compilers.iecc.com/comparch/article/11-01-119    This link has
also information about telephone threats to the person who busted

If none of these links work, search internet using all the words
"worldcomp, fake conference".

Who will benefit from this scam? (except Hamid Arabnia)

James Allen

LATEST NEWS as of March 6, 2012: The name of University of Georgia
(UGA) (where Hamid Arabnia is working as a professor) is removed from
Hamid Arabnia's affiliation on WORLDCOMP 2012's website. Hamid Arabnia
needs to answer why UGA's name is suddenly removed. Is it because UGA
does not want its name on this fake conference website anymore?

If you have a paper in WORLDCOMP 2011 or earlier, you may file a
lawsuit (a class action lawsuit is also possible) against Hamid
Arabnia because he cheated you about reviews, reviewers, acceptance
policies and acceptance rates.

Please forward this message to your friends, mailing lists, google
groups, yahoo groups, online forums, blogs, etc. to help stop innocent
researchers from being victimized by this scammer.

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