[Agda] Asynchronous Emacs mode / Interactive syntax highlighting

Guilhem Moulin guilhem.moulin at chalmers.se
Sun Jan 29 02:28:21 CET 2012

Hi there,

As you may have already noticed, the following changes to the interface
have been pushed upstream:

  * Asynchronous Emacs mode.
    One can now use Emacs while a buffer is type-checked. If the buffer
    is edited while the type-checker runs, then syntax highlighting will
    not be updated when type-checking is complete.
  * Interactive syntax highlighting.
    The syntax highlighting is updated while a buffer is type-checked.
    This interactive highlighting is currently rather crude, it just
    marks that a piece of code is being type-checked, or has been
  * The Emacs mode now presents information about which module is
    currently being type-checked.

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